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Shaughnessy Roofing project

Strata Roofing Projects

At we have large crews ready for your Strata Re-Roofing Project. Our crews have in-depth experience in working with Strata Council’s. In quoting a Multi-Family Roofing Complexs we are aware that it can take a year or two before the project actually starts. Consequently we will provide a Budget that reflects today’s prices on materials and labor. Our process will enable the Strata Council to be fully informed on roofing product options and a price quoted for each materials shown. At we are even able to provide financing for Strata Councils. Generally these roof estimates get broken down into three phases all of which are provided as a free service even if the Strata Council chooses to proceed with another roofing contractor:1. Budget Estimate and Pricing

The Right Procedure

The Budget and Estimate pricing will provide the council with the information and prices needed for a couple of different price points.2. Estimate Update
About one year after the initial Roofing Budget Estimate

we can take into account any changes of product, and labor cost’s since the initial estimate was prepared. There is usually is not much difference in price from year to year.3. Final Estimate and Scope of WorkA Representative can attend any Strata Council meetings to fully describe the any products to be used on that project. We can also go through the process’s used in replacing the roof, where we will start, how the material comes on and off the property, how the material comes on and off the roof…etc.Our Process’s will have Strata Council Member assured of every possible aspect from start to finish and beyond into Warranty. We know that our residential roofing customers homes are for the most part the Greatest Investment one will make and that we only deliver quality Home improvements.

More Than A Roof, It’s an Investment

The work we do and the Roofing products used will only add value to your investment and aesthetics to your home. That’s why Contractors take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into every one of our residential roofing projects. Our skilled and supervised crews can handle any roof, roof repair, under any situation. Including emergency roof repair services under extreme conditions. We also take care of Insurance roof repairs and structural damages. The 24/7 customer support gives peace of mind to one of our Customer Support Staff trained in all emergency situations. Any advice for an estimate or about an up and coming project, and our team is here to serve you. The System and Project Managers will stand behind all roof repairs and re- roof maintenance work. When you want the job done right, with competitive pricing give us a call.

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