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Signs you need a new roof
Signs you need a new roof
Canada is a harsh climate for any roof. Heat and humidity in the summers, rain and snow in the winters, wind and hail anytime of year. All of these factor into the longevity of your roof. After time these elements work together to slowly deteriorate the integrity of your roof material.

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Small house 1500 sqft from: $4975
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Large house 2500 sqft from: $8475
New Roof From: $1.80 per sqft
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Signs to look for when considering is it Time for a New Roof:

Surface Cracking:

A sign of the normal aging process may be the development of surface cracks that might not be visible from the ground. The stresses created by thermal shock, this movement on the asphalt roof material also increases the likelihood of surface cracking. Area’s like Kelowna where it gets really hot in the summer and has very dry and well below freezing n the winter

The Asphalt Curling:

As the asphalt hardens over time and becomes rather brittle lets the granules which were once securely embedded begin to break away. Occasionally you may have seen the colored granules in your gutters. As this hardening takes place, the asphalt shingle which consists of layers begin to shrink. As this process happens it is being countered by the shingle reinforcement, which resists shrinking and therfore there is a seperation or delaminating efect. Cousiing the edges of the shingle to begin to curl on the edges. Organic shingles may exhibit signs of curling after 12 years on a 20 year roof, and about 25 years on a 30 year roof.

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Roof Blisters:

During the course of natural weathering, again after a period of 12 years or more start to create small bubble-like raised areas known as blisters. These blisters may be small and pea-sized or as large as a quarter, and again might not be visible from the ground. The blisters may begin to open, exposing the protective material of the asphalt shingle. Blisters frequently result when minimum ventilation requirements are not met, make sure to have a minimum of a roof vent for every 5sq. of roof.
Finally, over a period of time, shingles may develop streaks. This discoloration may be the cause of algae growth. Although most roofing systems are susceptible to algae discoloration, this is often a sign the roof is reaching the end of it’s life span.
These are the most common signs that tell you you Need a New Roof