Cedar Conversion

Going through the decision of what roofing material to use on your home can be a hard choice. Many character homes have gone with the traditional cedar.
Cedar roofs have a great appeal to them because of the look and feel to them, and they also stay with tradition. But as we are using up the good cedar trees it is getting harder and more expensive to get a good quality cedar shingle at a good price. Therefor we have come up with products that give the same “curb appeal” to your homes roof lines. With raised roof caps and larger definition to the asphalt shingle the same quality look is kept.
Cedar Conversion Roof Fix | RoofFix.ca

Cedar Roof Conversion Vancouver

In fact you might not even know that your roof in Vancouver could have several layers of asphalt shingle right over top an old cedar roof.
Asphalt roof can be layers over a cedar roof two times before it absolutely inoperative to do it right. That means taking your roof down to the “bare bone” and putting a deck surface over the entire structure.
It is a lot of work but in the end I personally think they look great and have curb appeal when they are done.
Raised Ridge Cap | Roff Fix
Raised Ridge Cap | Roof Fix
Things to look out for when having a Cedar Conversion in Vancouver is the slope of your roof. And the vents that are required for proper circulation.