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Copper Accent Roof
Copper Accent Roof

Various Kinds of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing provides many benefits for homeowners who choose it for their roof material. These advantages are becoming increasingly apparent, as the dramatic rise in the popularity of metal roofs tells us people are seeing the benififits in durability, fire resistant standards, and they are more appealing estheticly. Every house is ideal for a metal roof as the styes and colours can be just that smart for any designer or someone that just want a solid long lasting roofing system.
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The Benefits Metal Roofing Provides

Consider the following categories, in each of which metal roofing proves to be a wise option. Metal roofs are seal out water, are strong against winds, are easy to clear snow off of and are totally resistant to fire, mildew and rot. A metal roof is guaranteed to reach its warrantee period in full force. To add to this, metal roofs are considerably lighter than other roofing materials, requiring no additional structural support whatsoever unlike a clay tile roof. Being light weight makes them fairly easy to install with two quality dry roof contaractors. The fact that metal roofing shingles come in sheets or sections, allows for a quick and simple installation process and shoulld take a little less time for install than some of the other styles to choose from.

The Other Side of the Metal Roof

The main drawback when it comes to choosing metal roofing for the house is the price per square for the material and in some cases delivery. Metal roofs are perfect for high snow falls and heavily wooded areas. Metal roofs can also be very noisey in heavy rains, good insulation is essential with a metal roof.

Energy Benefits of Metal Roofing

One of the greatest benefits of metal roofing is its astounding energy efficiency. The source of metal roofing energy efficiency lies in its finish – an unpainted metal roof will reflect majority of the solar radiation that is absorbed by a roof and attic in a regular asphalt roof. Painted and granular coated metal roofing system both reflect solar energy and re-emit absorbed radiation such that it can also cool your home. In warm climates, a highly reflective and emissive metal roof is capable of re-emitting up to 90 percent of absorbed solar radiation, and in doing so, greatly reducing energy consumption. It has been calculated that the installation of a reflective metal roof can save approximately 40 percent of cooling costs throughout summer, and that an emissive metal roof can reduce the air temperature in your home by about 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cashing In On Metal Roofing

Roofers are not the only ones to have recognized the benefits of metal roofing; the US government has established an Energy Policy Act of 2005 that rewards homeowners who have opted for the installation of a metal roof. In order to qualify for the Energy Star program requirements, an energy efficient improvement to one’s home must include a pigmented metal roof. Because the majority of metal roofing manufactured today is at least 25 percent solar reflective for steep roofs and 65 percent solar reflective for low slopes, most metal roofing systems qualify for the credit. The tax credit savings on a metal roof under this act can reach up to $500, and is deducted directly from one’s “total tax liability”, such that it can reach sums in the thousands. To get in on this savings bonanza, speak with one of our metal roofing contractors about installing a qualifying metal roof system – they will be happy to help.