Here is the perfect Do It Yourself kit for tile backsplash.
Or if you still feel more confident or just don’t have the time we are always here.
Peel and Stick for Tiles
Peel and Stick for Tiles
Turn your kitchen or bath from drab to fab in no time.
Add the beauty and value of custom tile to your home by doing it yourself with a Peel & Stick. This is a perfect fix for rental properties or that quick fix for Home Staging Companies that want an immediate turn around for a showing of there investment Property. No special tools needed. No more waiting for messy mortar or mastic to dry. The Peel & Stick is a double sided, peel and stick adhesive perfect for counter & wall tile.
Just peel, stick, grout and you’re ready to enjoy your new tile. For the DIY wall tile you can complete your kitchen renovation in just a few hours.
Use the Peel & Stick on any clean, flat, stable surface. Beautify a backsplash or add shimmer to a shower.
Bathrooms are a major focal point to any home. If you are selling your home and want to be the DIY on your project maybe Bondra is the solution for you? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Then step back and admire the personal touch that tiling it yourself brings to your bathroom renovation in the same day.
You can be ust like Bathfitters but save all the costs and DIY bathroom or kitchen renovation.