Tar And Gravel Roof

General Contractors Vancouver

Project Managers Mekdam & Hamilton
In many cases a General Contractor will save a home owner money an almost all sizes of projects. As General Contractors Mekdam & Hamilton have the experience and control to manage trades, products, and timing into all aspects of your project. As General Contractors in Vancouver we have years of building experience from houses, commercial units, and even structural projects all over the world…
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Vancouver Roofers

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High Pitch Roofs – Our Specialty
We specialize in high pitched roofs. We have motivated crews with the necessary experience to work on high pitched roofs. Our crews have all of the equipment and knowledge to work safely and efficiently on your roof. We do the jobs that many others turn down.
Asphalt / Fiberglass shingle
Asphalt shingles used to dominated the roof market but fiberglass (which still contains an asphalt layer) has since been…
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New Construction Roof

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There are many roofing companies out there but when you are looking for a roofing Company on Vancouver Rooffix.ca is the company that offers everything from flat roofs, pitched roofs, cedar roofs, re roofs, and new construction roofing projects.
Having a full service company to come in and make sure your roof is done right in every aspect. Sometimes there are several kinds of roofs on a home or commercial building. Having a roofing…
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Roof Leak Repairs

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When you need a roof repaired because the water is coming in your home or building we can help. Our roofing contractors are ready to tackle all kinds of roof leaks.
Whether it is on a flat roof, a ashpalt pitched roof, or a tile roof we can send out someone to let you know what the best solution is for your repair.
We can offer more than a few words of comfort, we can offer assistance in the short or long term. With either a tarp, a quick…
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Re Roof Vancouver

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At some point in a buildings lifetime the roof will need to be taken off and will need a re roof or a new roof put on.
This might not be as expensive as it seems. The roofing contractors at the Rooffix.ca site have qualified roofers ready to tackle any project big or small.
We will re roof with asphalt shingles, torch on, cedar, rubber, copper, and even metal roofing shingles.
N matter the roofing product you are in need of our Roofing…
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When to Replace My Roof?

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Sooner or later, every roof needs to be replaced, usually due to the long-term effects of weathering, but a storm can also cause sever damage and could make that finished in times of tremendous wind, and even large hail storm. If a residential roof is around 14 than 20 years old, it is past it’s prime and an excellent candidate for replacement.
Determining Roof Replacement
The best way is on the roof. If that is not a good idea for…
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Roof Repair Vancouver

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