Tin Roof

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A Little About Tin Roofing

Although called “tin roofing”, the material used is actually 80% lead, and 20% tin that makes up the outer coating. Tin roofing is a soft, ductile material that forms an oxide layer making it resistant to corrosion. Its durability and weather resistance is reason for the popular usage of tin roofing throughout the 19th century, most of which is still standing today.

Tin Roof Installation Is Quick and Easy

Unlike other forms of metal roofing, tin roofing is able to be manufactured in thin sheets, making it both lightweight and easy to work with. This in turn, allows for simple, quick and efficient tin roof installation in all building types. It is important to take into consideration that although the initial tin roof installation costs can range quite high, with proper maintenance, a tin roof can last a lifetime. Bare in mind also, that tin is the cheapest of all metal roofing materials, ranging from only $600 – $1300 per square, including installation costs. It is important that tin roof installation is accompanied by sufficient sound proofing materials, as tin roofs are known to make a lot of noise during a rainy day. For this, you will need a professional roofer, and this is where we come in. Our contractors can install your tin roof usually within the day, for a highly affordable price. For superior tin roof installation services, contact your nearest branch today.

Tin Roof Maintenance Requirements

Although resistant to corrosion, the tin coating in tin roofing can wear away with time naturally, and if this occurs, you will find your tin roof rusted a little. This is why it is extremely important you have your tin roof maintained regularly. For reputable cleaning, repairs, and general upkeep of tin roofing, get in touch with your Roof 101 contractor today.